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The club conducted activities such as making historical monuments, role play, dramatization, maintaining the history club board, co-operative learning, making innovative lesson plans and creative worksheets and different techniques.

Historical Model Making:
Students made models of historical forts such as Chitradurga, Srirangapattana and Bidar. The models were made using plaster of Paris with the help of a professional; they also made the main detailed model and later painted and placed the small soldiers and MadakariNayaka models. They also made the miniature model of Golgumbus. Thermocol was used to make the main model and wood was used to make the base. For grass they used green colored wool. The models were showcased and later kept as teaching aids for history lessons.

Dramatization and role play:
* In the history club they also learned dramatization and role play techniques to teach the subject. We made three groups and gave us three different scenes of a historical event. Students were asked to make a script and present a small drama of 10-15mins. All three groups presented their drama in elaborate way with dialogues and action sequence if showing a war scene.
* Similarly in the role play, we asked the three groups to give each other scenes from the history text book to each other. Students were given 10mins to discuss the dialogues and how to in act that particular scene for the presentation. They enjoyed both the dramatization and the role play session immensely because it was something innovative and a break from the mundane routine of college.

Co-operative learning:
In one of history club activities, students also learned co-operative learning techniques. Instructor again made groups gave them print outs of different techniques explanation.
We gave each group a technique and asked them to understand it thoroughly and later explain it to the rest of them. This thought itself was very novel because it was obvious that students learn better from friends or classmates rather than the teacher herself. By asking every member of the group to understand one technique thoroughly, we ensured every member's better understanding of all the techniques by doing it ourselves.

Seminar presentation:
We gave the varied topics related to history and students surveyed the resources which were found in collaboration with faculty in charge and presented the topic in seminar form. This enabled the student teachers to get the surveying & presentation skills.

Innovative lesson plans and worksheets:
We also asked students to make lesson plans and creative worksheets of the topics of their choice. They were asked to make 7 different lesson plans using newly introduced methods such as 2 multiple intelligence, Source method, dramatization, role play, generalization and co-operative learning. They also made colorful worksheets to make it more attractive and fun loving.

History club bulletin board:
Every week students updated new news on their history club bulletin board. This included historical facts, current affairs, mythological facts and evidences, etc. a student was also appointed to maintain a different file for the board where they store every article showcased on the board.
The history club activities were something that every group member looked forward to. Here they learned many different techniques which were very useful during their practice teaching sessions. The students of schools especially enjoyed the dramatization and role play activities which B Ed students conducted in the classrooms.

Co-curricular Activities

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