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Language Club Activities

"All that is worth knowing cannot be taught or learned in the classroom environment" Co-curricular school activities can provide appropriate challenges and avenues to achievement and help establish a balance between educating for academic growth and educating for transition to self-hood. The club is for the students who come with a certain maturity and skills-proficiency level. The focus is on whole language experience of English and Kannada coupled with exercises to sharpen specific linguistic skills. Following are the activities to induce interest and foster individual and group learning atmosphere:

1) To increase students stock of vocabulary, charts on vocabulary games were made by the students

2) To induce interest and generate awareness about the words having same spelling but different meaning and sounds i.e., Homophones, homonyms and heteronyms charts were made and displayed

3) In order to prepare the students to cater the demand of innovation by the international schools, Sri Sathya Murthy guided me to encourage and prepare students to design and develop International level teaching plans on any one skill of English, along with that students were encouraged to make attractive teaching aids and worksheets.

4) Under the expert guidance of Sri Sathya Murthy, I conducted one more activity to strengthen the studentsí ability to make innovative and attractive teaching aids, wherein each student was encouraged to make a separate activity with its procedure of conduction and equally innovative worksheet for evaluation.

5) Concept Maps were told to make by the students on the great authors from English and Kannada, which would include their contribution to literature, their famous anthologies and Biography.

6) To increase their awareness about the different letter writing skills charts on the components of letter writing were made and displayed.

7) Students were encouraged to make substitution tablesí chart for parts of speech.

8) At the end of the session it has been decided to keep an exhibition for various teaching aids and the innovative lesson plans and activities made by the students.

Co-curricular Activities

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