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About Library

Our library is a vast ocean of knowledge interspersed with different pearls of well stocked books, Educational Journals and CDs. Our library is stocked with 15,252 books. To supplement this knowledge our library has a depository of journals, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Yearbooks and new pearls in the form of new books are added frequently.

Library mission

"The BEACE Library fosters intellectual growth by supporting excellence and innovation in education and research, managing and delivering information."

Library Rules and Regulations

The regulations are intended to enable the best use and fairest distribution of the BEACE Library Resources

* All the bonafide students of the college are eligible to become members of our library.

* Students should submit their I-cards for reference books.

* Students should take care of their borrower's card to avoid their misuse.

* The loss of borrower's cards must be informed in writing to the Principal immediately.

* A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged for issuance of duplicate card.

* Readers shall maintain perfect order and silence in the library.

* Noise or doing anything else which may disturb other readers or which may be against discipline is strictly prohibited.

* The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures, etc while borrowing the book.

* A fine of Rs.1/- will be charged per day for late return of the book, material.

* A reader is responsible for any damage caused to the reading material or to any other property imposed upon him/her by the librarian

* In case of loss of books/resources, readers shall be requested to replace it or pay the cost of the resources.

* Thesis, dissertations, CDs etc are not lent out of the library.

* Students should bring only writing materials inside the library. Bags should be kept out at the property counter.

* Mobiles have to be kept in silence mode.

* Students are not allowed home issue of reference books.

* Students should enter the book details in the library register before referencing.

* The reference books will be issued for reference only.

* The librarian reserves the right to suspend the privilege of borrowing of books of any member found misbehaving.

* In case of complains/suggestions, readers are requested to bring them to the notice of the librarian.

* All readers are requested to confirm the norms of the library.

Co-curricular Activities

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A well equipped library cum reading room with all the relevant reference materials ...


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