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Maths Club Activities

About the Math Club

The Math Club consists of student teachers who are the organizers of activities, secretary, display board in charge, finance in charge along with the other student members of the Maths club. The club is formed in the beginning of the year and roles are picked voluntarily by the student teachers

The purpose of the Math Club is to spread mathematical knowledge and promote the field in an enjoyable and educational environment.

One important aspect of learning mathematics is mastering practical techniques, such as addition, division, measurement, and so on. Critical thinking skills may be required to apply these techniques to complex problems. Another (often neglected) aspect of doing mathematics involves creativity and imagination. The Math Club meets once a month from September through March and membership is open to all students. There are different members who volunteered for organizing of activities of Maths club. The club provides the opportunity to socialize and share ideas. Hopefully, experiencing the wonders of math will result in a positive attitude toward the subject that will create enthusiasm in the future prospective teachers. Activities of Maths Club for the academic year

Experimenting paper activities
Student teachers prepared a Mathematics journal which exposed them to learning by doing here the faculty in charge along with some of the students volunteering identified the experiments and demonstrated so that the other student teachers could do the same in the Maths lab.

Designing Multicultural lesson resources
The students who were having different religious background were identified so as to include the elements of their own religion into the Mathematical concepts being taught. These students were made to write the lesson plans based on it.

Instructional Material
Students prepared worksheets based on different topics of Maths along with charts & other activities based resources.

Preparing a Mathematical Dictionary :
Students identified the words which were not so commonly used and created a dictionary as a part of activities of Maths club.

Research Reviews of Maths
In order to broaden the horizon of Maths students teachers the volunteers read the different researches related to Maths.

Multiple intelligence worksheet
Under this the faculty demonstrated a lesson based on Multiple Intelligence and made the students aware of the concept of Multiple Intelligence. Students were then guided to write the activities on Multiple intelligence.

Conducting seminars
Students here surveyed the resources which were found in collaboration with faculty in charge. Some presentations were made under this like Vedic Maths and the contribution of Mathematicians. This enabled the student teachers to get the surveying & presentation skills

Co-curricular Activities

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  • Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) Classes are conducted every week so as to inculcate the more


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