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Science Club Activities

When we were a child, we wanted to know a great deal about the world around us. Children still do. Sooner or later they ask question like-

Why a spider doesn't get stuck in its own web?

How does a bird get in the egg?

Where does the dark come from?

What makes the wind blow?

If we have asked these questions as a child how thoughtfully would our teachers had handled them? Were we able to explore some of our own interest? Was learning more restricted? Were we guided to think through some problems for ourselves? or were the answers always given? How a teacher works with children reflects their notion about Science teaching and how they think it can benefit their pupils?

A school can give some instruction materials but a teacher's concept and values about Science teaching will strongly affect what children actually learn in her classroom. Hence our Science club is committed towards Inculcation of these values of Science involving 'learning by doing' and 'learning by living' among pre-service Science teachers. Some glimpse of the activities conducted are enumerated as under
* Proactive participation on enlightenment on various Science concepts and contents
* Motivational speech, guidance and demonstration on preparation on improvised apparatus
* working on various Scientific principles
* Actual preparation of improvised apparatus in a cost effective manner and demonstrating
* with methodical explanation
* Exhibiting the improvised apparatus and Science activities so as to imbibe the Science concepts
* Preparation of posters on scientific discoveries, inventions, principles or theories related to Science and exhibiting them at appropriate platform
* Instigating and assisting students in preparation of innovative activities in science and also using them in real classroom setting like practice teaching
* Conducting Collaborative Seminar Presentation on various topics of Science
* Preparation of bulletin boards of students and displaying them.
* Conducting workshop session on preparation of various tools to represent concepts like concept maps, graphic organizers etc. and demonstrating their functionality.
* Organizing educational Visit to the 'Science Exhibition' organized in different Schools in Davanagere city and writing a report on the visit
* Organizing action pact events quiz, games, tricks on Science concepts
* Conducting Workshop session on preparation of Worksheets on various concepts of Science

Co-curricular Activities

  • Opportunities are given to students to enhance their....more
  • Women empowerment: From among the staff, a lady lecturer is...more
  • Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) Classes are conducted every week so as to inculcate the more


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